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All 6th graders who attend participating Birmingham City Schools and Bessemer City Middle School can participate in Yes! Talk to your school’s P.E. coach about joining Yes!


Sports & Physical Activity

Participating in sports and monitoring physical activity helps students gain valuable skills—such as healthy eating habits and social-emotional learning—that could lead to playing competitive team sports in middle and/or high school. If enjoyed, these habits often become physical activities kids will do throughout their entire lives!

Each week, students will attend three after-school sessions. Sessions are fun, engaging, interactive experiences led by coaches.

  • Practice days will be three days a week
  • Each school will set their own schedule.


Sports Offered:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Cheer
  • Flag Football
  • Softball
  • Newcomb (Volleyball)

Healthy Eating

Yes! We Can offers weekly engaging healthy eating messages and experiences that aim to help children develop healthy habits for life. 

Yes! Focuses on the following healthy eating habits:
Drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages
Eating whole fruits and vegetables 
Drinking plenty of water
Getting 60 minutes of physical activity every day
To encourage healthy nutrition habit formation, YES! students receive:
A refillable water bottle for use daily
Encouraging messages to include more fruits and vegetables
Weekly cooking demonstrations and fun healthy eating activities

Social-Emotional Learning

An important component of Yes! We Can is Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL skills lay the foundation for long term success by addressing abilities, managing emotions, goal setting, and building positive relationships.

Students enrolled in Yes! We Can will focus on a new SEL concept each week through discussions and journal writing.

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Live Healthy!


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